Solar Net Metering ENDS in JUNE 2022!

    There's no better time to make the switch to solar!

    Install solar panels on your home by June 30, 2022

    to be eligible for Net Metering in Indiana! 


    Indiana Federal & State Solar Incentives*

    Net Metering Credits - Ending Soon!

    What is net metering? Net metering ensures you receive credit for the electricity your solar system produces. It counts the electricity you generate with your system against the electricity you buy from your utility, in the form of energy credits. To be eligible for net metering, Indiana homeowners must install by June 30, 2022! Details about net metering in Indiana: here.

    Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

    The 26% federal tax credit is available for purchased home solar systems installed by December 31, 2022.

    Solar Energy System Property Tax Incentive

    Property tax exemption on the added home value from the rooftop solar system.

    Sales Tax Incentive

    Purchased systems are 100% free from state sales tax.

    *Incentives are subject to change

    There's no better time to make the switch to solar!

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