Solar roof shingles are small solar panels designed to function and look similar to standard roof shingles. They act as both the roof of the house as well as a solar power system. Just like solar panels, they can convert energy from the sun into usable energy and be connected to an inverter.

    A solar roof may be an option for you if you are also planning on installing a new roof because you can simply integrate them in with your conventional asphalt roof shingles. You should note that solar roof tiles can be less efficient than traditional solar panels but they can still generate savings on your electric bill while producing green energy.

    An Energy Specialist can help you determine if getting a solar roof is the right option for your house.


     Tesla Solar Roof 

    Replace your roof with a Tesla Solar Roof. With a seamless design, the tiles will complement your home's architecture while providing solar power for your home.

     Sunpower OneRoof™ 

    The OneRoof system is designed for new homes, integrating seamlessly with the construction process. This results in a simpler, speedier and more flexible installation.