Savings for Illinois Homeowners with Solar!

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With upcoming Illinois Homeowner benefits such as the Solar Renewable Energy Credit Program (SRECs Program) our very own Director of Marketing, Melissa Cavanaugh went on the air to talk to the people of Chicago about how much they can save when they decide to go solar!

Listen in as she discusses SRECs and other ways to save money with Solar Energy!


Regulatory Hoops Hinder Ground-Based Solar


Just call Mark Brough Fort Wayne's Mr. Sunshine.

Since moving back to the city 10 years ago to remodel and resell houses, Brough lately has turned his attention to selling and installing solar arrays. That's the business he pursued during the years he spent in San Diego.

Brough says with recent and anticipated rate hikes by area electric utilities, solar power now makes sense locally, and his business has been growing rapidly. It's one of a few in the area specializing in solar arrays, which convert sunlight into storable electric power...

Local Solar Panel Seller Will Eat Extra Cost from Tariff


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Modern Mill Solar has been selling and installing solar panels in Northeast Indiana for more than two years. Owners there also have a solar panel business in Southern California. Hoosiers aren’t willing to pay as much for solar energy as Californians so Modern Mill Solar is ready to eat any costs caused by the tariff.

On Tuesday, the Trump Administration announced a 30-percent tariff on solar panel imports. Modern Mill Solar’s Owner, Mark Brough, had been keeping an eye on a tariff decision...

Solar Power Getting Customers' Attention

Frank Gray | The Journal Gazette

For the past few years, Mark Brough has been working for a company called SunWalk in San Diego, selling solar power systems to businesses and homes in Southern California.

A few months ago, though, the Fort Wayne native returned here to open an additional office and try to increase interest in solar power.

It’s easier to sell solar power in places like California, where electricity costs twice what it does here, and most people are what Brough calls pocketbook environmentalists. They’re interested if they can save money...

City's Property Brothers


On HGTV, Drew and Jonathan Scott are the "Property Brothers," twins who bring vacant and neglected houses back from the dead.

Fort Wayne has the Brough brothers – real estate agent David Brough (pronounced "brow") and Mark Brough, investor and construction expert, who, although not twins, emulate the Scotts by buying homes out of foreclosure and making them livable, even lovable, again.

"I don’t like the word ‘flip’ – that’s not what we do. We rehabilitate," says David, owner of Anthony Realtors in Fort Wayne...

Gamble on Solar Panels Pays Off

Frank Gray | The Journal Gazette

When SafetyWear installed a field of solar panels on the roof of its building on East Wallace Street in December, company officials knew they were taking a bit of a gamble.

The goal was to install enough panels to produce more than enough electricity to meet the company’s needs. But company officials also knew that the company that installed the solar-energy system started out in San Diego, where it’s sunny 68 percent of the time.

Fort Wayne? It’s only sunny here about 59 percent of the time. Plus, in San Diego, they don’t have to worry about snow blanketing solar panels in the winter. In Fort Wayne, let’s just say it snows...